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Guidelines for the Hosting Family of Devi Jagran

The Bhagat Mandli of Hari Om Mandir holds the Devi Jagran on the first Saturday of every month at 7:00 PM. The host family should arrive there by 6:30 P.M. and get the prasad ready. Pooja begins at 7:00 PM. Depending on the number of family members wanting to do the Pooja, coconuts should be brought wrapped in red cloth along with the desired amount of cash ($1, $5, $10 or more) plus cloves and elaichi (cardamom). After completion of the Pooja, please give dakshina of $11 or more to the Pujaris.

We start the Ardaas at 9:50 PM. The host family should donate $51 or more depending on your budget. At 10:00 PM, the Bhog to Mata Ji & Aarti begins and the host family must be present at that time since they should be the first to do Aarti and receive Prasad.

After Aarti & Prasad is over, the host family serves the food downstairs. Food is not necessary for Devi Jagran, but it is up to the host family. If you do serve the food, once everyone has eaten you must clean the kitchen and utensils, broom & mop the floor, clean the tables, stack the chairs, throw out the garbage in the dumpster, and turn off the lights before leaving for home.

List for Pooja Samagri and Prasad for Devi Jagran

  • Prasad: Dry Fruits (Nuts): 40 lbs. If more than 200 people, add an extra 5 lb for each 25 persons.
    Choose any 5 kind of items for the Prasad from the following:
    1. Almonds
    2. Raisins
    3. Pista w/o shell
    4. Cashews
    5. Dry Dates
    6. Dry Coconut
    7. Sweet Prasadi Makhana
    8. Dry Apricot
    9. Sweet Dry Pineapple pcs
    10. Walnut without shells
    11. Any other nuts of your choice.
    Note: Please do not mix Raw Peanuts w/ or w/o shells, Phool Makhana and Chips in the Prasad.
  • Fresh Fruits: 60 lbs. If more than 200 people, add an extra 10 lb for each 25 persons.
  • Khazana: $10.00 or more- Quarters, dimes, or pennies. (please wash and clean them before mixing within the prasad)
  • Fresh Flowers: 1 bunch consisting of 15-20 flowers
  • Fresh Coconut: Depending on the number participating in Pooja
  • Samagri: Following items are required for Poojan
    1. Cotton for Jyot 1 pkt
    2. Ghee 2 lb
    3. Sugar candy 1 lb
    4. Agarbatti 2 pkt
    5. Dhoop 1 pkt
    6. Sindhur 1 dibbi
    7. Rice 1 lb
    8. Camphor 1 dibbi
    9. Supari Whole 11 pcs.
    10. Fresh Pan Leaves 7 pcs.
    11. Gur 500 gm
    12. Green Cardmom ½ lb
    13. Cloves 100 gm
    14. Fresh Ginger 100 gm
    15. Mauli 1-2 rolls
  • Chunni for Maata Ji: 1 standard sized chunni or more, your choice.
  • Suji Halwa and Kala Channa: Atleast 1 tray each for prasad and kanjak poojan
  • Kanjak Poojan: bring 5, 7 or 9 unmarried girls clean their feet, give them Suji Halwa, Kala Channa, and Puri with Dakshina ($1, $2, etc…)

If you want to give food, then bring the following items.

  • Paper Products: For 200 People
    1. 1000 foam cups x 8oz.
    2. 300 big plates
    3. 1000 napkins
    4. 500 spoons
    5. 300 small bowls
    6. 300 brown bags
    If more people are expected, then please bring items according the amount.
  • Soft Drinks: For 200 People
    • 1. 12 bottles x 1 liter of regular Coke or Pepsi
    • 2. 5 bottles x 1 liter Diet Coke or Pepsi
    • 3 bottles x 1 litter 7up or Sprite
    If more people are expected, then please bring items according the amount.

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